We were truly saddened to hear of the death of a very dear compatriot, Christa Leahmann. Christa was a star of Opera and Musical Theatre in Australia before she settled in the Shoalhaven with her dear friend David Foley. Christa will be remembered by many AMTC members as a gifted and engaging performer on stage, a generous mentor to younger and older fellow performers, and a friend and adviser to myself and other production team members.

Christa delighted audiences in two huge AMTC productions at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre – “Showtime” in 2011, and our mammoth celebration production of “Fabulous and Forty” in 2015. It was this performance of “Fabulous and Forty” that Christa declared to be her last, and we felt utterly privileged to be able to honour and farewell her by performing “Prima Donna” from “Phantom of the Opera”.

Christa was not averse to helping our productions in any way possible, including agreeing to be a Pit Singer in the “Wizard of Oz” in 2014. Even this role was taken very seriously by her, and we will all remember Christa’s presence at rehearsals, studying her music quietly in the corner while other activities took place around her – a true professional at all times. She was a wonderful role model to our less experienced cast members.

It was a joy for me to work as Musical Director for these productions and share many beautiful musical moments with such an experienced performer as Christa.

Thank you for supporting us and sharing many performing delights with us Christa. RIP.

Merrin Ross