Les Misérables Cast for amtc’s November Production

A dynamic group with a number of new amtc performers. The ensemble will be very strong.


VALJEAN: Nathan Lomas

JAVERT: James Ebdon

FANTINE: Jane McIntosh

COSETTE: Briannah Gorden

EPONINE: Isabelle Spinelli

MARIUS: Lachie Mills

ENJOLRAS: Scott Bowcher

THENARDIER: Lloyd McDonald


GAVROCHE: Lucas McDonald

BISHOP: Oliver Gait

YOUNG COSETTE/EPONINE: Aleah Gooding and Tallulah Reid


John Barak, Marilyn Beaven, Tenneil Bramble

Laura Bryant, Leanne Chamouille, Claire Frances Chapman

Sarah Collins,

Katrina Cordner, Meryl Dalton, Gabbi de la Torre

Jaye De Sousa, Monica Devine, Morgan Dootson

Naomi Dootson, Georgia Duncan, Harmony Dyer

Joey Ellery, Debra Fraser, Bradley Frazer

Anthony Girdlestone, Mark Harris, Ron Hawthorne,

Olivia Hodgkins, Caleb Howe

Joshua Le, Darren Lester, Greg Lloyd

Finn Lochrin, Charles Maxwell, Nicholas McGlynn

Dianne McKeever, Kieran McKinnon, Molly Moyes

James Nield, Jacii Pavitt, Micah Perry

Johanna Renwick, Angelique Riou, Harrison Shepherd

Leyna Soeriyadi , Deborah Thornett, Joe Visser

Beau Voysey, Benjamin Weir

Miriam Williams, Xia Lian Wilson, Stuart Withers

Lucy Worthington

BACKING VOCALS and ORCHESTRA will be selected and notified personally at a later date.

Les Miserables Auditions

emails have been sent to all either with a time or a question for clarification.

Les Miserables audition applications are now closed. Thank you to the 130 applicants. You will be contacted with your specific audition time in the next couple of days. We are looking forward to seeing you all at audition for this powerful piece of theatre.

Proud President prose

I am truly delighted with the show season we have just had of “Mary Poppins”. Our large, and at times full capacity, audiences were astonished and amazed by the talent we exhibited on stage and in the orchestra pit. Thank you to ALL our performers and crew who worked tirelessly to bring a fabulous show to Shoalhaven audiences. It was all ‘practically perfect in every way”.

Exciting Start to the SHREK adventure

The information session had lots of enthusiastic people and we are filled with confidence about the show. Especially performing on the big stage in the auditorium. Exciting!

The next two Wednesday afternoons  will be dedicated to auditions and only those auditioning will be required.


Please note that if your child’s name is not listed then they are not needed on this day.
We are working in three sections during the afternoon. Your child will not be required until their section starts. There will be supervision in the foyer while your child is waiting to be called for their solo audition. Once they have auditioned you are able to take them home. We would ask that you give them the ability to phone you when they are finished, otherwise come at the completion of their section. Please sign in and out as per our usual routine.

4.15 to 5.30pm: Sophia A, Fleur da S, Shenae B, Aleah G, Krystal S, Mackenzie B, Naomi P, Claire H, Anna H, Jordan W, Anna P, Laura H, Kayla T, Madison B, Destiny P, Kayleigh W.

5.30 to 6.00pm: Kirby C, Ollie E, Maddilyn F, Josh L, Lucy C, Lillyahna W, Charlie D

6.00 to 6.20pm: Elliot C, Joey E, Micah P.

Wednesday 23rd May will be published at a later time.

Remember the entire cast doesn’t come together until Wednesday 30th May