Exciting Start to the SHREK adventure

The information session had lots of enthusiastic people and we are filled with confidence about the show. Especially performing on the big stage in the auditorium. Exciting!

The next two Wednesday afternoons  will be dedicated to auditions and only those auditioning will be required.


Please note that if your child’s name is not listed then they are not needed on this day.
We are working in three sections during the afternoon. Your child will not be required until their section starts. There will be supervision in the foyer while your child is waiting to be called for their solo audition. Once they have auditioned you are able to take them home. We would ask that you give them the ability to phone you when they are finished, otherwise come at the completion of their section. Please sign in and out as per our usual routine.

4.15 to 5.30pm: Sophia A, Fleur da S, Shenae B, Aleah G, Krystal S, Mackenzie B, Naomi P, Claire H, Anna H, Jordan W, Anna P, Laura H, Kayla T, Madison B, Destiny P, Kayleigh W.

5.30 to 6.00pm: Kirby C, Ollie E, Maddilyn F, Josh L, Lucy C, Lillyahna W, Charlie D

6.00 to 6.20pm: Elliot C, Joey E, Micah P.

Wednesday 23rd May will be published at a later time.

Remember the entire cast doesn’t come together until Wednesday 30th May