amtc 2019 Committee

Congratulations to the following on their election this evening:

Committee for 2019
as from AGM 5 Feb 2019


President: Laura Turner

Vice President: Ron Hawthorne

Secretary: Marie De La Torre

Treasurer: Velma Walker

General Committee

Greg Lloyd, Julia Armstrong, Graham Dyer, Ben May, Julie Fraser, Paul Fraser

Public Officer

John Bryant

Les Misérables opens tonight

Meet some of the cast of Les Misérables. There is magic and electricity between these two -Nathan Lomas as Valjean and James Ebdon as Javert. Their performances will delight and astound you.

Les Misérables cast in rehearsal

Our regulars will recognise lots of faces here, as well as some new faces. Individually we have great solo artists in this group and collectively a wonderful choral group. Combine that with a full orchestra, wonderful costumes and a great set and this show is going to be very good indeed.

Les Misérables Rehearsals

Production is gearing up and becoming pretty busy.

Here you see Scott Bowcher getting into the role of Enjolras for Les Misérables opening in November at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

Les Misérables Cast for amtc’s November Production

A dynamic group with a number of new amtc performers. The ensemble will be very strong.


VALJEAN: Nathan Lomas

JAVERT: James Ebdon

FANTINE: Jane McIntosh

COSETTE: Briannah Gorden

EPONINE: Isabelle Spinelli

MARIUS: Lachie Mills

ENJOLRAS: Scott Bowcher

THENARDIER: Lloyd McDonald


GAVROCHE: Lucas McDonald

BISHOP: Oliver Gait

YOUNG COSETTE/EPONINE: Aleah Gooding and Tallulah Reid


John Barak, Marilyn Beaven, Tenneil Bramble

Laura Bryant, Leanne Chamouille, Claire Frances Chapman

Sarah Collins,

Katrina Cordner, Meryl Dalton, Gabbi de la Torre

Jaye De Sousa, Monica Devine, Morgan Dootson

Naomi Dootson, Georgia Duncan, Harmony Dyer

Joey Ellery, Debra Fraser, Bradley Frazer

Anthony Girdlestone, Mark Harris, Ron Hawthorne,

Olivia Hodgkins, Caleb Howe

Joshua Le, Darren Lester, Greg Lloyd

Finn Lochrin, Charles Maxwell, Nicholas McGlynn

Dianne McKeever, Kieran McKinnon, Molly Moyes

James Nield, Jacii Pavitt, Micah Perry

Johanna Renwick, Angelique Riou, Harrison Shepherd

Leyna Soeriyadi , Deborah Thornett, Joe Visser

Beau Voysey, Benjamin Weir

Miriam Williams, Xia Lian Wilson, Stuart Withers

Lucy Worthington

BACKING VOCALS and ORCHESTRA will be selected and notified personally at a later date.