Last month of rehearsals…Yay!

Please find attached the June rehearsal schedule. Things are progressing well, now to tie it all together….


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Nothin’ Like a Dame


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Steve White reports for Uni Wgong TV News

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Rob Byrne organising T-Shirts

Hi All, Yes, shirts (both Polo and T shirts) are available for this very special show. The cost will be slightly more than for the last show (approximately $30 each). I would like to have all orders in by end of rehearsal Monday 1st of June to allow for ordering and embroidery to be done. The shirts will have the AMTC Logo on the right side and the show logo on the left. A copy of the logo and a sample of shirts will be available from tonight at rehearsals for sizing, (both mens and ladies). Childrens sizes are also available,(the link ending in /2KP). I have also attached links to the Embroidery Shack website to allow you to have a look at what colours available. When you have decided on the colour, please reply with your size, colour and how many. For dancers, Tenneil has suggested the athletic singlet (link ending in /S7LS) in white. Could you please specify this when replying.

Long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve polos are also available.

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Costume call – Von Trapp Family


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Photographs for the Printed Program

It is customary for us to do a printed program which both sold to the public and given to the cast and crew. It’s surprising that the major concrete memory that remains after a show is over often is the printed program. The program should include a photo of each cast member and orchestra and as many others in the team as we can manage.

The cast of this show is large and the rehearsals are scattered so it is difficult to get to everyone. Thanks to those who have put themselves forward so far.

I will be using photos from previous shows if I can’t get you. That includes the green ones from Wizard and the black and white ones from Beauty.

Some I haven’t got at all and I will be setting up this Wednesday May 6 to get photos of some missing people, mainly children. There is a list of names below. I will maybe get some orchestra members then too.

If you have missed your photo and don’t want to be green or b&w you can turn up then too – black top. (If you know I haven’t taken a photo of you at some time and your name is not on the list please turn up – my list may not be accurate)

Missing photos – please turn up with a black top

Olivia H

Mia H

Fleur L

Maisie L

Ella L

Finn L

Lily L

Stacey P

Tony S

Julie N


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Anniversary Dinner Tickets Now On Sale!


Or select the menu ‘Anniversary Dinner’ for more information



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Please find attached the rehearsal schedule for May. There may be slight variations as we progress. Make sure you notify the Coordinators of any unexpected absence. This is a critical month of rehearsals before we commence running the show and polishing items.



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Poster to download


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We had a ring in at our photoshoot today!


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