Saturday Rehearsal Information

Dear Ozians…
Important Rehearsal Information.
I know this is late notice, but this is imperative for the sucess of our show!
I am holding extra rehearsals this SATURDAY for the Flying Monkeys, Winkie Guards and some Principals. All need to attend please .

Venue: School of Arts Annex
Date: Saturday 1st November
Flying Monkeys: 10am – 11am Bec, Tenneil and Junior Ensemble Monkeys
Winkies: 11:00am – 12:30pm – ALL Winkies…including Ben, Luke and Cameron please.
Principal Music Call with Merrin: 1:00pm Bronté, Steven, Yack. John
Scene Work with Tyson 2pm – 4pm: Bronte, Steven, Jack, John, Darren.
We will be working thoroughly through Act 2 and ensuring it is at a performance quality. This is our only chance so please make yourself available
Hugely appreciated!

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Learning From an Expert

D7C_1150 D7C_1177 D7C_1187 D7C_1192A huge thank you to Christa Leahmann who today did a makeup workshop for our cast. First demonstrating to principals how to do their specialised makeup and then general makeup for other cast. We are very grateful to Christa for sharing her many years of experience.



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WIN TV Monday (or Monday week – not sure)


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Trophy for ‘Best On Foot’ entry in today’s River Festival parade


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FINAL REHEARSALS before Production Week

Please find attached a schedule for our final rehearsals leading into Production Week at the SEC.

More detailed information will be forthcoming for Production Week.


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Breaking News

flying-noticeWizard says go!


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River Festival Information

Dear Ozians,
Important River Festival Information -
Rehearsal at School of Arts Annexe at 4.30pm to go through all of the numbers and to secure the languages/harmonies..Jane
Please be at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre no later than 6.45pm for a possible sound check. This could be earlier, however I will confirm at the rehearsal.
Please ensure you have your black folder with your music/lyric sheets in it. Dress is formal ‘Black and White’ cocktail…Ladies cocktail dress/formal dress, men black and white tie.

Principals need to be at the Nowra Showground Pavilion (meet Tyson) no later than 9:15am. You will put your costume on carefully before you board the float.
All other cast are required to arrive no later than 10:00am next to the Showground pavilion.
Please ensure you are wearing black pants, shoes and your official Wizard of Oz shirt.
You will also need sunscreen!
You will then be required to attend the official induction at 1:00pm – meet Tyson and Marie outside the Riverhaven Motel in scenic drive.
You will then be required to meet Tyson and Merrin no later than 4:00pm next to the stage area in Scenic Drive (opposite Nowra Pool) in readiness to perform. Please bring your music in black folders. Dress is black pants, official Wizard of Oz shirts and black shoes.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you so much!
This is our opportunity to blow them all away and to promote our show to the wider community! You all should be very proud of the work you have put in! Let’s sell this show out!!


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SUNDAY 26th rehearsal…..dinner

For $5 head I can organise 1/4 chicken/salad/mayo/bread roll for the cast. I will need to place the order tomorrow so I am tagging you to get a swift response. Please answer yes or no, and if you are answering for more than one person give me a number. If you wish to bring your own dinner that is fine, but the break will be short and something quick to eat will be needed. You will need to bring your own drink(s), the fridge in the kitchen should hopefully be able to cope. Please let me know asap via email,  if you are not a Facebook user.

Thank you

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When the parade passes by….

To join the River Festival Parade on Saturday 25th October you need to meet Tyson and the amtc group at the Nowra Showground at 10am where the Wizard Of Oz truck will be parked under the trees on the Southern side of the pavilion(hopefully).

Please wear your Wizard Of Oz shirt and black pants or skirt. Some cast will wear costumes, they already know who they are.

Bring some water and wear sunscreen and a hat. You will be walking beside the truck, so make sure you have appropriate footwear.

The parade starts at 11am. It will finish at the SEC. 

The River festival organisers have a schedule of performances for the afternoon but we don’t yet have that information. I have been told somewhere around 4pm. I will attempt to make that more accurate, but you will need to gather together before that time in Harry Sawkins Park where the stage will be set. As more specific details come to hand they will be posted.

Our songs will be performed in this order:

My Way

Love Changes Everything

All That Jazz

Somewhere That’s Green

We’re off To See The Wizard

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My Way Lyrics – River Fest

Dear Ozians,
Please find attached the lyrics for My Way for the River Festival this weekend.
Thank you!!! My Way – River Fest

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