Xmas card from Tri-Point


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XMAS Tri-monthly meeting

xmas-albatrossTuesday Dec 9, 7:30pm at the School of Arts

Bring some food to share and something to drink and your singing voice for the carols.

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These are links to larger versions of the photos that have been on Facebook or this web site. They are of a suitable size to have larger than postcard size prints made.

Cast Photo


Orchestra Photo (not the silly one)


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The Wizard of OZ Orchestra

orch-sillySay ‘silly photo’ and gosh they’re quick to pose. Must come naturally.


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Show 5

Two heroines of tonight’s show are in this picture.

D7C_3795 D7C_3873 D7C_3882 D7C_3918 D7C_3924

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Show 4

D7C_3429 D7C_3439 D7C_3443 D7C_3483 D7C_3507 D7C_3538
D7C_3540 D7C_3562 D7C_3571 D7C_3613

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Bump Out Information

There is a fair bit going on with the bump out and much of it is being managed by the various teams involved. But there are some areas where help from cast will be needed.

Attached is the bump out schedule for your information. There are a few key things for cast to note.

* Please return the script books if you were given one. Rub out any pencil annotations you may have made except your name in the front so we can check you off against our list. There will be a box in the green room from tomorrow night where you can put books.

* Lifting the stage floor and stacking it on the loading dock is a priority. This needs to happen immediately after the final show.

* After the stage floor is done return costumes to Catherine’s house (10 Moondara Drive
Bangalee 2541)

* Next go to School of Arts ready for after show function. (You may offer to help anyone you see is struggling to get things up to the loft)

Bump out schedule Click to download

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Update on after-show function food

Hi folks, after thinking about it, and discussing the arrangements for the after-show function with various people, we have decided to go with a catered light dinner from Bomaderry Bowling Club. They will deliver the food at 6.45pm, we can keep hot food hot, and there will be plenty to eat: chicken wings, sandwiches, meatballs, spring rolls, mini quiches, sausage rolls and sweet platters. There will be some vegetarian, and gluten free if needed. Those of you who came last friday night sampled the cuisine, and we have added a couple of extra delights.

It will cost you $12 per person. Please pay Merrin at one of the shows this weekend. I have told the caterers approximately 100 of us to feed, but I do need to give exact numbers after friday’s show. This is the latest I can let them know. I will put a couple of cast/crew/orchestra rolls around the backstage area for you to indicate your intentions.

Thank you :)

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One not yet seen and a couple requested.


D7C_1916 D7C_2943

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Hi folks…seems too soon to be talking about bump out, and “after show” party, but …. needs must! Careful planning is underway to enable an efficient bump out from the SEC. This of course takes priority over getting your own costumes and equipment out of the venue after Sunday’s show. There is a lot of heavy work to do, and you will be expected to help if you are asked. Please watch this space for further details before Sunday.

After-show party: The SOA Hall is booked to give us a comfortable and familiar space to get together after bump out is finished. There will be some speeches(time limited of course Tyson!), and certificates to present. I am happy to organise dinner options of pizza or chicken and salad, much as we did for the rehearsal lunch recently. I will need to know approximate numbers, and whether your preference would be pizza or chicken and salad. I’m sure everyone would be able to provide nibbles and drinks to share. Cost will be notified.

Can you either email me at “merrin@shoal.net.au”, or fb post to let me know what you prefer, and how many you will have. I will organise pizzas to be delivered at around 7pm, probably from Eagle Boys. Bump out takes a while, and to be fair to everyone we will have to ensure there is food left for the hard workers coming from the SEC.

More details will be provided as needed.

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