Exciting Start to the SHREK adventure

The information session had lots of enthusiastic people and we are filled with confidence about the show. Especially performing on the big stage in the auditorium. Exciting!

The next two Wednesday afternoons  will be dedicated to auditions and only those auditioning will be required.


Please note that if your child’s name is not listed then they are not needed on this day.
We are working in three sections during the afternoon. Your child will not be required until their section starts. There will be supervision in the foyer while your child is waiting to be called for their solo audition. Once they have auditioned you are able to take them home. We would ask that you give them the ability to phone you when they are finished, otherwise come at the completion of their section. Please sign in and out as per our usual routine.

4.15 to 5.30pm: Sophia A, Fleur da S, Shenae B, Aleah G, Krystal S, Mackenzie B, Naomi P, Claire H, Anna H, Jordan W, Anna P, Laura H, Kayla T, Madison B, Destiny P, Kayleigh W.

5.30 to 6.00pm: Kirby C, Ollie E, Maddilyn F, Josh L, Lucy C, Lillyahna W, Charlie D

6.00 to 6.20pm: Elliot C, Joey E, Micah P.

Wednesday 23rd May will be published at a later time.

Remember the entire cast doesn’t come together until Wednesday 30th May

Today’s the day!

Today’s the day for parents to come along and find out about our junior production of SHREK the musical. 6pm start after our usual JAM session at the Nowra School of Arts

“SHREK” Jnr the Musical

“SHREK Jnr” will be commencing the Information and audition process soon.

On Wednesday 2nd May: we will resume JAM at the Nowra School Of Arts with an introduction to “SHREK Jnr” from 4.15pm to 6pm. All our JAM performers are welcome and we would encourage ANYONE who expressed an interest to be in “SHREK” to attend. This will be an active drama session getting to know the characters of the show. We will be asking for an audition EOI from the participants for some of the solo characters of the show.

On Wednesday 9th May: 4.14pm to 5.45pm we will be going through some of the ensemble songs from “Shrek”. Once again we would encourage ANYONE who wants to be in “SHREK Jnr” to attend.

From 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday 9th May we will be holding an Information session for parents to find out about our “SHREK Jnr” audition, rehearsal and show plans.

Wednesdays 16th and 23rd May will be scheduled audition afternoons for some of the solo parts. Further information will be posted. Not everyone will need to attend.

Contact Merrin Ross for further information or clarification if needed: secretary@amtc.org.au

Mary Poppins Cast Announcement

After two very busy weekends of Auditions, our production team are pleased to announce the cast of Mary Poppins……

Mary Poppins – Briannah Gorden
Bert – Jordan Hockey
Jane Banks – Makenzie Bonney
Michael Banks- Toby Binns
George Banks – Scott Bowcher
Winifred Banks – Jane McIntosh
Mrs Brill – Cat Holloway
Robertson Ay – Joey Ellery

Katie Nanna – Wendy Moffatt
Miss Lark – Rosie Ellery
Admiral Boom – Nicholas McGlynn
Neleus – Ben Weir
Miss Andrew – Bec Wall
Bird Woman – Marie De La Torre
Mrs Corry – Olivia Corish
Valentine – Zoe Drury

Bank Chairman – Graham Dyer
Miss Smythe – Deb Thornett
Von Hussler – Paul Fraser
John Northbrook – Mark Harris

Policeman – Ron Hawthorne
Park Keeper – Max Kielly

Adult Ensemble
Ron Hawthorne, Lacey Richardson,Wendy Moffatt, Wendy Bibley, Mark Harris, Deb Thornett, Nicholas McGlynn, Isabelle Cork, Paul Fraser, Graham Dyer, Dianne McKeever, Rosie Ellery, Olivia Corish

Teen Ensemble
Georgia Duncan, Malia Barrele, Naomi Parker, Finn Lochrin, Charlotte Dickinson, Olivia Hodgkins, Ben Weir, Jasmin Drury, Zoe Drury, Harmony Dyer, Micha Perry,Max Kielly.

Children’s Ensemble
Fleur da Silva, Aleah Gooding, Zarie Aranda, Parri Barrele, Oliver Ellery, Kent Ellery, Ava Jefferson, Kayleigh Weissel.

Dance Ensemble
Imogen Clarke, Grace Garde, Nicole Matheson, Yasmin Duncan, Lyndel Elliott, Paige Clark, Sophia Alamango, Rommey Hazel,  Melody Spencer, Sophie Phillips, Rachel Parnell

Tap Ensemble
Amy Crowe, Jyana Braid, Emilie Symmons, Laura Turner, Mia Stewart, Jaden Metrik
Haley Merrick, Sarah Smith, Shenae Boulton, Keira Jackson, Tully Gwyer, Jessica De Wit, Georgia Coleman, Amali Carter, Bella Dewsbury-Love, Will Dewsbury-Love

Congratulations to all.